Cactus Attack

One cold January night in Newport, Ryan Jackson was playing a show in the basement of a church with his now defunct acoustic band when he heard a sound he could really take to the hoop. A local folk band was there that night, with a feel that just seemed so new and different to him. That's when he decided that he wanted to take this old sound and try to make it his own. The stars aligned, the sun rose and fell, and Cactus Attack was born out of the ashes of a failed Alaskan dream. Now years later they are a 5 piece Bluegrass/Rock n' Roll/Swamp Yankee Blues powerhouse.

Justin Chadbourne

Justin Chadbourne is a blues/folk/soul musician out of Manchester N.H.


Yankee Cockfight

Hailing from the Great White Mountains of New Hampshire, Yankee Cockfight was a concept developed in 2009 between The Mighty Junior (vocals/harmonica) and Scrimmy the Dirtbag (guitar/kick drum). Both musicians grew up in the woods and to this day a rural sentimentality permeates their work. Yankee Cockfight was originally an outlet to filter their eclectic musical influences, ranging from punk rock to blues to country. They played their first show off the cuff without even rehearsing. And they still play every show without a set list.

It’s not punk, it’s not blues, it’s not country. You can’t describe it. It’s an experience. It’s primal and it’s real. You have to see it for yourself.